Free Stuff, Old Stuff. My Stuff

After realizing how many people were probably swamped with relatives, food, and shopping on Friday, I’ve extended the free period on the Kindle version of Remnants through Monday so you’ve got a chance to read it.  If you’re interested, the link is here.

I’ve also got a few older things – novellas, and novelettes, I’ve written – for dirt cheap, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Coldhaven – a series of connected short stories about a mountain prison and the evil that lives there.

The Forest – set in WWI, it’s the story of a group of men who find out what it means to anger the forest.  Also my best reviewed short, with a single positive rating in the US and the UK.  So I’ve got that going for me.

Glass Summer – a homage, of sorts, to Ray Bradbury.

One last favor – if you happen to read and like any of these, please leave a review.  I’d do it myself, but that gets weird, you know?


Not Gaiman, by Far

I’m already tinkering with a few new short story ideas, and a couple novels, and in the process, ran into the question of my own mortality, so to speak.  I don’t labor under the illusion that anyone’s going to be reading a Clayton Snyder book in fifty or a hundred years, but I wondered what kind of shelf life my stories do have.  I’ve never been one to pretend there’s something epic there, something that addresses the human condition in beautiful prose, or something that deals with deep themes or critical archetypes.  You know, the things that give a book the sort of lifespan Methuselah could respect.  I guess when it boils down to it, I only have three requirements for my stories:

  • Did I enjoy writing it?
  • Did someone enjoy reading it?
  • Did I tell a good story?

Those are the things I care about.  If you get something else out of my stories, fantastic.  Maybe I’m one of those rare and lucky writers, whose subconscious writes all the themes and symbolism for him.  Maybe I’m just a schmuck with a keyboard and a hobby I love more than pizza.  (You have no idea – it’s pathological.)

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for those writers who inspired me to be a writer.  Those whose work transcends time and culture barriers, and pick at the deep-seated strings of important truths for us.  I’m just not that writer.  Not today, anyways.

I just hope that maybe, in three weeks, three months, or maybe just three years from now, someone new is picking up my work and burning away an afternoon with me.

Remnants Free

I struggled with this – do I make my book free, and possibly sink my chances at actually selling a few (it’s not greed if you need to keep the lights on), or do I while away its time on Amazon in complete obscurity?  In the end, I opted for relative obscurity, with a touch of largesse.  (Really, I’m not pompous enough to think that one day free on Amazon makes me some sort of benevolent deity, I just wanted to say ‘largesse’.)

Anyways, Remnants will be free for Kindle on Black Friday.

Here’s the link.

Remnants Released

I bit the bullet, and released my first full book, in print and on Kindle.  It’s titled Remnants, and is a collection of 14 short stories.  There’s a little bit of everything in there, from homages to Lovecraft and Butcher to original work you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s the culmination of two years of work that I’m quite proud of.  Check it out.

An excerpt, from the short ‘Exorcism’:

Context is everything. It’s the reason I was standing in a bodega, yelling at an old woman in a dead language and brandishing a jar of pickles. I suppose it would help to know the old lady was possessed by a Sumerian gluttony demon, and the language was Enochian. The pickles were because I was hungry for pickles, and I forgot to put them down, so I just rolled with it. Like I said – context.

Paperback can be found here, and Kindle here.