All About, Well, Not the Benjamins

I know I’ve posted a lot about my book.  About it being on sale, about it being free, and about it.  Before you get the wrong idea, believe it or not, it’s not all about making money.  Take this, for example:


This is the graph of my book sales over the past few days.  Keep in mind, these are the free copies that have gone out.  I call it ‘The Widowmaker’.  No one should have to ski that, let alone try to expect to pay bills on it.

In the long run, writing is more about one thing than any other right now – can I get someone to read what I’ve done?  The tip of that peak says ‘yes, maybe’.  The low end says ‘meh’.  In the end, I don’t mind not making a ton of money.  I don’t mind struggling while I work my way up.  I just mind if you’ve read this stuff or not, and if you like it.

If it’s any consolation, you’ll never catch me at your door, like this:


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