Bits and Pieces

Figured I’d share a couple of excerpts from Remnants.  The first is from ‘Old Dominion’, a story about an old man, a broken-down semi, and a dragon.

“What were you keeping in here?” Will asked.

Hank sighed, a dejected and desperate sound. “Dragon.” He said.

Will laughed, but it died when he noticed Hank wasn’t laughing with him. His nerves began to jangle a bit.

“Look. I’ve got a wedding to get to. I don’t think there’s any reason for me to tell anyone about this. I’ll just say I got tied up at a gas station.”

Hank gripped him by the shoulders, and turned him toward the fields. Something the size of a small jet flew by on massive wings carrying what could only be a small cow. It screamed once, a bellow that echoed in the air, and sent a chill of fear up Will’s spine. Then, without warning, it dove into the copse of trees, and left the air and the morning empty.

“Dragon.” Hank said in his ear.

The next is from ‘Hell, Inc.’  What if Hell were run like a corporation?

They made steak. Big, nicely marbled, medium rare New York strips, with a salt and pepper crust, and a baked potato and a glass of Yancy’s bourbon. While they ate, they talked.

“So, how long have you been doing this?” Kendall asked.

Cooper shrugged. “Collections and contracts? About five hundred years. More so in the past thirty, though. You?”

Kendall whistled. “Five.”

Cooper grunted around a mouthful of steak. “Newbie, eh? First time up top?”


Kendall moaned in pleasure, and took another mouthful of food, chewing slowly. After he swallowed, he chased it with a sip of bourbon. “God, I miss this. All I need is a good lay, and who needs Heaven?”

There’s more there, and if you want to read it, it’s free on Kindle for today.  You can get it here.

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