Remnants Free – Er, Again

My short story collection, Remnants, is free from today through Saturday.  You can get it here.

From Study in Red, a short in the collection:

I remember her, Madeline, a redhead from college. She had pale skin and pink lips and nipples. She loved the rain, and cheap beer, and talking about Monet and Seurat. She loved to argue nearly as much, as well, though that was always followed by a sweetness you couldn’t match with candy.

In my dream, she is pale and bloodless. Her eyes are clear, but they seem to see nothing. I reach out, and touch her, and her skin smears like paint on a canvas. I try to scoop it back into place, but every stroke just scatters more, until I’m standing in a field of orchids painted from her flesh. I watch, and the flowers turn red, then the sky, a deep red, and beneath it all, weeping, a low keening like a bird caught in a thorn bush.

Check it out.


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