I’m giving away a couple of my Kindle shorts, and a novella, on Amazon this week (’til Sunday).  If you’d like to check them out, I’ve put a moratorium on the ninja attacks and robot intervention, so no one should be able to stop you from clicking the download button.  You can get them at my author page, here.

Some (in some cases, the only) reviews:

The Forest:

In this well-paced, well-written short story, Snyder successfully ties an ecological concern to a traditional fantasy element. (I’m intentionally being vague so as not to give the plot away.) The story is appropriately set during WWII near Bialowieza National Park, on the border of Poland and Belarus, which today protects the last primeval forest in Europe. The events at an army work camp in the forest unfold inexorably towards the chilling conclusion. Disclaimer: I have no personal knowledge of this author. I was searching for forest-related books and happened across this story–a lucky find!


This is a dark collection of stories that all link together to form a whole. Set in a prison, it explores the lives of a number of prisoners as they go through their days and nights. However, there is much more to fear than the guards and their fellow inmates. Much more to fear. This is a creepy, well written story that is well worth reading. Highly recommended.

Glass Summer, my short about a circus in town, and a young boy’s trial one summer is also free, and as always, my book of short stories, Remnants, is only .99.

If you happen to like any of these, feel free to drop me a review.  Thanks.

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